Property Damage Types in Texas Car Accident Cases

In Texas for personal property there are two kinds of damages namely valuation damages and repair damages. In any kind of damage a personal injury lawyer can be appointed who gives legal representations to those who claim that they have been injured as a result of negligence of another person etc. It’s the duty of Personal injury attorneys that they help out the accused party for getting them proper compensation. Personal Injury lawyer must possess some ethical code of conducts as well so that he may help the accused party in a proper way. In car accident cases car damage is not limited to the cost of repair or any type of replacement value rather there are some other methods of proper revaluation of personal property. By using those proper valuation methods one can make a valid claim on the car damage cases.

Market Value of the Car in case of Personal Injury Car Accidents:

Determining the value of damaged car in personal injury car accidents is the most general way of ascertaining damages. Extrinsic value or actual value methods can be used but the Texas laws prohibit using these methods and law says that if market value is not determinable then use actual or extrinsic value methods otherwise not. In case market value is not easy to ascertain then there are other values that can be conveniently used such as replacement values and sentimental values.

How to determine market value of car in Texas?

Market Value of car in Texas would be the price that a car will get when offered for sale purpose. If there is the case of determining the market value of car after accident then it would be the difference between the value of the car before and after accident.

Property Damage Types in Texas Car Accident Cases

In case where during the accident car completely destroys’ the market value would be the difference between the value of the car before accident minus its salvage value. You can also find how to choose personal injury lawyer here Due to this reason insurance companies in Texas pay you just the salvage value of the car if it’s too old and worn out.

Cost of Repair is another issue for determining Market Value:

Cost of Repair is another main component of determining the market value of the car. It’s a little bit confusing concept. The Texas court defines that in certain cases the injured party can get both repair damages and market value of the car. The law says that if market value of the car is assessed earlier then neither the market value nor the cost of repairs is made.

When the market value is ascertained after the repairs are made then in that case both the cost of repair and difference of market values is to be made.

Insurance companies make default and do not compensate properly. If the case is that then you can approach Texas Personal Injury Law Firm find more information here. This law firm will help you out getting your property damage claims and auto injury claims.

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